Library Cards and Account Information

This page provides information about Library cards and account information for University of Chicago Library users, including how to manage your account online, keep your contact information current, and resolve blocks on your account.

UChicago Card versus Library Card

Current faculty, academics, students, and most benefits eligible staff are issued a UChicago Card, which serves both as your University ID and your library card. Some hospital staff are issued a Hospital ID, which can be used as your library card once you visit the ID & Privileges Office. Other users are issued a separate library card for either access or borrowing privileges.

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Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, contact the ID & Privileges Office or call (773)702-3344 immediately so that your card can be deactivated for your protection; once deactivated, it must be replaced.

If a card is turned in to Lost & Found, it will not be deactivated. The Library will make a best effort to contact you so that you may retrieve it.

To replace a lost or stolen card, visit the ID & Privileges Office in the lobby of the Regenstein Library. The replacement fee for a lost UChicago Card is $20; the replacement fee for all other lost library cards is $10.

Library Barcode and PIN

If you do not have a CNET ID and password, you will need your library barcode and PIN to login to My Account and to recall items checked out by other users. Many library forms also require you to enter your library barcode in order to confirm your account.

Your library barcode is the 7 digit number that appears directly below the barcode on your UChicago Card or library card.

On UChicago Cards, the library barcode appears on the back of your card:On other library cards, the library barcode appears on the front of your card:
Chicago Card, front and back University of Chicago Library Card

Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) serves as your password when logging in with your library barcode. For students, the PIN is your student ID number. Faculty, staff, and other library card holders can request a PIN using the online PIN Request form or by speaking to a Circulation Supervisor at any Circulation desk.

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Managing Your Account

Most users with current library privileges can manage their accounts by logging in to My Account. Users can view their profile and contact information, view and renew borrowed items, check on the status of hold requests, and view outstanding fines and blocks. Once your privileges expire, you will not be able to login to your account until your privileges are renewed.

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Keeping Contact Information Current

All library users are responsible for keeping their personal contact information updated.

The library uses the most current email address on file to contact you about recalls, due dates, fines, and other notices.

All current University of Chicago faculty, students, and staff will be contacted via their official email address on file with the University. You must check this email account regularly or set up forwarding to another email address.

To update personal contact information, please choose the appropriate option below:

User AffiliationHow to update your personal contact information
University of Chicago Faculty and Staff Visit Employee Self Service at (mailing address only; forwarding email to another address must be done separately)
University of Chicago Students Visit (allows students to change destination email address for emails sent to, as well as mailing address).
University of Chicago Alumni Use the online Change of Address Form.
All Other Users Use the online Change of Address Form.

You can verify the email and mailing address we have on file by logging into My Account and choosing Profile.

Members of the public and other visitors using the Library for research purposes must also provide current contact information in order to be given access.

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Blocks on Your Account

Library users may incur blocks on their account, usually due to overdue Library material or outstanding fines and other charges.

Borrowing and Renewing Privileges

For more information see Suspension of Borrowing Privileges.

University Registrar restrictions

Current and former students who owe the Library $100 or more on Monday of the sixth week of the quarter will be restricted with the University Registrar, which will prevent future enrollment and access to other University services (including transcript requests) until these charges are paid.

Current students who owe the Library $100 or more on Monday of the sixth week of the quarter they are scheduled to graduate will not receive a diploma until these charges are paid, although they will be allowed to participate in commencement exercises.

Current students who owe the Library $250 or more on Monday of the sixth week of the quarter they are scheduled to graduate will not receive a diploma or be allowed to participate in commencement exercises until these charges are paid.

University Registrar restrictions caused by library charges will be lifted one business day after library charges are paid; if you need restrictions lifted in less than one business day, please contact the ID & Privileges Office or call (773)702-3344.

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