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The Library provides searching tips and invites your comments/questions about the Catalog.

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Lens: An Alternative

Lens lets you simultaneously search the Library Catalog; the Library's Web site; the Library's database of e-journals and online resources; finding aids for manuscript collections in the Special Collections Research Center; and other specialized resources such as the University of Chicago Photographic Archive, American Environmental Photographs and The First American West.

Lens offers more flexibility for discovering resources. Lens' features include:

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Known Problems with the Library Catalog as of May 2013

Description Workaround/Possible Alternative
When I click View Availability to see individual volumes, I cannot find ALL of the volumes I know the Library has. Instead of clicking View Availability to display the individual volumes, look to the upper left on the screen. Under Holdings Information, click the Circulation Status link. You will now be able to see ALL of the items.
When I attempt to use the "open a new window" feature (of Internet Explorer or Firefox) when clicking on a link on a keyword search results display, it doesn't work. All I can do is click on the link and stay in the same window. The feature works when clicking on links on browse search results or full record displays.
When I click on a Author, Subject or Series headings to see the titles, I get the message "Sorry, cannot find anything matching. Warning: Search failed." The same thing can happen with a keyword search. But if I try the search again, everything seems to be ok. Re-try the same search again. We have identified a message in the system transaction logs that suggests an internal error that clears itself so that the search completes successfully on a subsequent attempt. If the re-try fails, switch to another search type, execute the search, and then re-try the original search.
Punctuation is missing when I get a list of headings after an Author browse search. None--but you can still get to the records by clicking on the heading. There is no loss of functionality.
I can't use keyword for any search term that has the Hebrew alef or ayin (as a letter modifier). Try a browse search using the search term; this should work correctly. Also, you can copy-and-paste these special characters into your keyword search term from the Windows' Character Map.
When I initiate a keyword search from Basic Search, I can't then sort the search results. Enter your search on Advanced Search. You can chose a sort option there or on the search results.
When I sort a list by title, initial articles are used in alphabetization. None
Sometimes, when I try to display a record or records from a list, I get an error that reads: "There is a problem with the XSLT. Check XSL Server for errors. Error=" If you did a browse search, try the corresponding keyword search with the same search term--that will often get you apropriate results.
When I do a keyword search and then look at a record display, sometimes the keywords I used in my search are highlighted wherever they appear, but at other times no highlighting appears. None
Sometimes when I display a record from a call number list, it turns out that the record is for a copy of a lost or withdrawn item. None, but if you report this problem, Library staff can sometimes remove the record that causes the problem.

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