Connecting to the Wireless Network

Where is it?

All campus libraries provide wireless access to the campus network. Most campus libraries also offer wired ethernet access to the campus network.

Wireless access is available in the following locations:

Crerar throughout the library; signal strength is best near outer perimeter and less reliable in the bookstacks
D'Angelo Law throughout the library
Eckhart throughout the library
Mansueto throughout the library
Regenstein throughout the library, including the faculty study wing, with the exception of the bookstacks
SSA throughout the library

If you think an area in one of our libraries would benefit from an additional wireless access point, please send your suggestion to IT Services by filling out their Wireless Location Suggestion Form.

Connecting: Secure Network

Library patrons with CNetIDs are strongly encouraged to use the secure network. All data transferred over the network is encrypted and cannot be seen by other users of the network. This requires configuration of your computer or other wireless enabled device.
IT Services offers wizards which will do this for you automatically.

Connecting: Unencrypted Network

Data transferred on the unencrypted network can possibly be seen by other users. IT Services strongly recommends using the encrypted network for this reason. However, some devices may have problems authenticating. Visitors with GNetIDs must use the unencrypted network.

System Requirements

1) Notebook computer or other internet-enabled device
2) 802.11b 11 Mbps compliant wireless card
3)128 bit encryption capable web browser
4) CNet ID and  password (library visitors who are not eligible for CNet IDs may be issued temporary wireless network credentials (GNetIDs) by the ID & Privileges Office)

What next?

1) Set the network name (sometimes called SSID) to uchicago (how to set this varies by operating system and wireless card)
2) Make sure the wireless interface is set to be configured via DHCP
3) No encryption
4) Autoconnect to non preferred networks

When you boot up in range of the wireless network (within 300 feet of an access point), the first thing you need to do is go to any web page. You will be redirected to a login screen which will require your CNET ID and  password. Once it is accepted, you can access the network through any TCP/IP application (web browser, ssh client, mail client, etc). The connection should stay active until your laptop goes our of range or is shut down, rebooted, or put to sleep.

Where can I get more information?

IT Services' "The University of Chicago Wireless Network"

What if I need help?

Contact IT Services Support  or stop by the TECHB@R on the 1st Floor of Regenstein for help configuring your computer. Library staff can sometimes help troubleshoot.