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Find Your Zone

In order to support a wide range of activities while respecting different study styles and the needs of the collections, the Library has designated zones for certain activities in Crerar, D'Angelo Law, and Regenstein Libraries. Eckhart Library and the Social Services Administration Library do not have designated zones, due to their smaller size. Library policies continue to apply throughout all library buildings.

    Crerar D'Angelo Law Regenstein & Mansueto

Quiet Zone symbol
Quiet Zone

Keep noise to a minimum. Lower Level, 2nd & 3rd Floor

4th and 5th Floor Window Tables

Mansueto Grand Reading Room

B Level Reading Room

2nd - 5th Floor Reading Rooms


Collaborative Zone symbol
Collaborative Zone

For working in groups or talking quietly with others.

1st Floor

Group Studies:
2nd Floor
: 220A, 220B, 220J, 220K

3rd Floor: 320B, 320H, 320I

For more information about group studies, visit Book a Room.

Conference Rooms
    - 2nd Floor: 211A
    - 4th Foor: 413
    - 5th Floor: 514
    - 6th Floor: 613

Regenstein 1st Floor and A Level

Group Studies (2nd - 5th Floors)

For more information about group studies, visit
Book a Room.

Cell Phone Zone symbol
Cell Phone Zone

The only areas where talking on cell phones is permitted.

Keep ringers silent throughout Library spaces.

1st Floor Atrium


2nd & 3rd Floor East Elevator Lobbies

West Elevator Lobbies

Regenstein 1st Floor and A Level

Meal Zone symbol
Meal Zone

The only areas where meals and messy or smelly food should be eaten.

Snacks and covered drinks are allowed in most Library spaces. For more information, see the Library's food and drink policy.
Crerar Lounge, Lower Level East Law School Green Lounge, 1st Floor

Ex Libris café and A Level