On-Campus Storage

This page contains information about using materials housed in on-campus storage. For details on storage collections at the D'Angelo Law Library, see the D'Angelo Law storage paging form.

The University Library maintains an on-campus storage collection in the basement of Harper, Wieboldt and Classics (formerly referred to as Harper Storage).  The materials in this collection are closed to readers and are paged for your use daily, Monday through Friday.

How do I know if an item is in On-campus storage?

On-campus storage items are listed in the online catalog with the location: "On-campus storage; paged daily, Monday-Friday"

Are any of these items available online?

Items in on-campus storage that are available in full text online will list online availability in Lens Search and the Library Catalog. An important exception pertains to the Congressional committee hearings and prints from the 90th Congress (1967) through the present which are cataloged under the SuDoc call number of Y4. Items with Y4 call numbers are available digitally in the LexisNexis Congressional Hearings Digital Collection, but that online availability will not be listed in the records of individual titles.

How Can I Request an Item from On-campus storage?

Look up the item's record in Lens or the Library catalog and click on the "Request from On-Campus Storage" link. The item's information will be filled in automatically; you just need to provide your contact information. If you can't find the item's record, you can fill out a blank version of the on-campus paging form.

Where will i be able to pick up an item I've requested?

On-campus storage items are delivered to Regenstein Library and will be placed on hold for pickup at the Regenstein Circulation desk. Items will be held for 7 days from their delivery date.

When will my material be ready for pickup?

Retrieval requests submitted Sunday-Thursday will be available by 5pm the following day.

Retrieval requests submitted Friday-Saturday will be available by 5pm the following Monday.

You will receive an email notice that the item is on hold for you at the Regenstein Circulation desk when the item is available.