Try It! Trials, Betas, and Tools

image of beakerThe Library is looking for feedback on new products and tools. The Database Trials section lists the ever changing set of databases we are considering for purchase. The Betas section provides a preview of tools and interfaces which are in development (and may be a little rough around the edges).  The Tools & Widgets section includes useful plugins and widgets to make your browser a more powerful research tool.

Database Trials

The Library is considering purchasing the
following databases.  Tell us what you think.


SAGE Video Collections: Media and Communication

Mar 8th - May 13th

SAGE Video Collections: Counseling and Psychotherapy

Mar 8th - May 13th

SAGE Video Collections: Education

Mar 8th - May 13th

Database of Chinese Leishu

April 22 - May 15th

Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War: Intelligence, Strategy and Diplomacy

April 1st - May 1st

Book History Online

Mar 30th-April 28th

To Access SymptomMedia please refer to Maroon page

 Mar 15th-May 4th

SAGE Research Methods Cases

April 6th-May 6th

Anthropological Fieldwork Online

April 25-Jun 25th

Do you know a resource you would like the Library to subscribe to?
Send us your suggestions.



Beta Tests

Test Collection Search

The Library maintains a collection of standardized printed test instruments utilized in the fields of education and psychology. Try our new Test Collection Search to find out what is in the collection.

Tools & Widgets

Set Your Google Scholar To Use Findit! Find It! button

If you use Google Scholar when working off campus, you can now set your preferences to use the Library's Find It! service to help you access the full text of articles available through Library subscriptions.


LIbX  UChicago icon

LibX is a Firefox plugin that gives you quick and easy access to Library resouces (catalog, electronic journals, and the like):

The LibX plugin provides a toolbar to search library materials, a context menu, and adds conveniece links to pages. LibX is developed at Virginia Tech. To learn more about the LibX project, go to


Proxy It!

Having trouble getting to Library databases and electronic journals from off campus? Use the ProxyIt! bookmarklet to easily send the link through the proxy server to get campus-like access.

* In Chrome, Firefox or Safari, drag this ⇒ ProxyIt! ⇐ link to your bookmarks toolbar.
* In Internet Explorer, right-click on this ⇒ ProxyIt! ⇐ link and select "Add to Favorites..." (you may receive a Security Alert warning that the favorite may not be safe, click on "Yes" to continue) choose where in your Favorites you wish to save the bookmarklet and then click on "OK".

For more information, see the Proxy page.


Do you know a tool or widget that would be of use to others?
Tell us about it.