John Jung

Programmer Analyst

John Jung

I do programming in the Digital Library Development Center, mostly involving Python and JavaScript in various frameworks. Additionally I am comfortable using design methods as a way to better understand complex problems and to create strategies for solving them.

I give workshops and talks on these topics to try to find ways to bring ideas from the world of design into libraries; I'm interested in places where design methods might work as-is, where they might need to be modified, and where approaches that come naturally in libraries might be useful elsewhere.

External Committee Memberships

Library UX Chicago Steering Committee


How Might We...Incorporate Linked Data into VuFind? - VuFind Summit - 10/2017

Service Blueprinting Library Workflows - Library UX Chicago - 8/2017

Decision-Making with Web Analytics - w/ David Bietila, Emma Boettcher, and Tara Wood - Library UX Chicago - 7/2017

Human Centered Book Clubs - w/ Kathy Zadrozny - UXLibs III - 6/2017

Benefits of Homemade Camera Rigs for UX Testing - w/ Emma Boettcher - Designing for Digital - 4/2017

Similarity Matrices as a User Experience Tool - Library UX Chicago - 12/2016

Design Fiction - w/ Kathy Zadrozny - ALAO Annual Conference - 10/2016

Brainstorming and Prototyping - w/ Kathy Zadrozny - Library UX Chicago - 8/2016

From User Testing to Prototypes - w/ Kathy Zadrozny - Designing for Digital - 4/2016

"What Was She Pointing At When She Said That?" Recording User Tests with Overhead Video - w/ Kathy Zadrozny - Library UX Chicago - 12/2015

The Library Persuasion Game - w/ Isabel Gonzalez-Smith and Leo Lo - I2C2: Innovation, Inspiration, and Creativity in Libraries - 3/2014

The Library News: How Do People Learn About New Things at the Library? w/ Isabel Gonzalez-Smith - The University of Chicago Library - 8/2013

Design Thinking - The University of Chicago Library - 8/2013

Developing Content for the Web -The University of Chicago Library


Master of Design Methods, IIT Institute of Design, 2015

Master of Arts in Art, Governor's State University, 2001

Bachelor of Arts in Art, Governor's State University, 1998