Book display for Women’s History Month

Location: The Joseph Regenstein Library, First Floor, near the Dissertation Office
Dates: March 8–31, 2019

View our new book display in celebration of Women’s History Month. MAPH student Juno Yingzhi Dong, the Library’s new Research Services Support Fellow, created this display of books from Regenstein’s collections highlighting women’s experiences in wartime. Juno describes the focus of the display:

Part of the forgotten history in the modern societies, the role of women during wartime often receives little recognition. From serving in the military to filling the vacated jobs on the home front, from seeking a new life after years spent at the internment camps to being forced to become “comfort women,” the sexual slaves in the military bases, with and without their consent, millions of women around the world participated in WWII. Rarely under the spotlight in wartime historical discourse, the stories of these women deserve to be told and heard.

To learn more about materials on women’s history in our collections, visit our accompanying Women’s Studies Guide, which can point you more resources such as e-books, music, video etc.

If you need help locating research materials on women’s history of any particular country or region, or help in general with your research paper, ask a librarian!