February 2024: D'Angelo Law Library Emerging Technologies Update

New Zoom Generative AI Features

As of February 20, new generative AI features for Zoom have been enabled for UChicago accounts.

  • Meeting Summary: Allows meeting hosts to initiate an AI-generated summary of their meetings. When the host enables this feature in a meeting, participants can receive a summary after the meeting ends.
  • Smart Recording: Processes cloud meeting recordings to create “smart” chapters, highlights, summaries, and next steps.
    (Note: due to the cloud recording policy student accounts are ineligible to use smart recording.)
  • Team Chat Thread Summary: Condenses chat discussions on the Zoom Team Chat tool and summarizes messages in a thread within the Zoom desktop application.

Meeting hosts can enable or disable these features in the Zoom web portal by going to Settings-->AI Companion. Users will also see the AI Companion features in the Zoom desktop application, where meeting hosts can enable or disable AI Companion features for the current meeting.

For more guidance on how to manage the Zoom AI Companion features, please see the following IT Knowledge Base articles:

Keeping Up With Legal AI News

The field of generative AI is rapidly developing, and more is being written about how those developments affect the legal field each day. Below are links to helpful resources for keeping up to date with developments in AI in legal education and practice.

Further Assistance

If you are interested in learning more about generative AI, including its use in legal research and education, please see our research guide on the subject, request a research consultation with a D'Angelo Law Librarian, or chat with us at Ask a Law Librarian.