Gift from Professor Michael Allen honors librarian James Vaughan

In honor of James Vaughan, Associate University Librarian for User Services, Michael Allen, Associate Professor in the Department of Classics and the College, and an associate in the Department of History, has presented a rare 17th-century book to the University of Chicago Library.

Jim Vaughan joined the University of Chicago Library staff in 1984 when the University merged with the John Crerar Library of Science and Medicine, where he had served as Chief of Photoduplication and Circulation Services. He began as Head of Access Services in Crerar, a position he held until 1996, when he became Access Services Librarian.  In 1999, Vaughan became Assistant Director for Access and Facilities Services; and in January 2012, as part of the Library reorganization, Jim was promoted to the new position of Associate University Librarian for User Services.

Professor Allen said of his gift: “I’m pleased to offer a special book in honor of Jim Vaughan.  Like all the library staff, Jim Vaughan makes positive things happen.  As users of a great and ever changing library, we are very fortunate with the consistently fine access support we receive, and for that we are much indebted to Jim Vaughan’s intelligence and quiet omnipresence.  He tends personally and thoughtfully to myriad questions, problems, and suggestions.  He has helped me personally on countless occasions to find solutions for matters great and small, from tracking down a personal book inadvertently left weeks before in a reading room, to entertaining and then helping to realize suggestions about on-line search templates or the next generation scanning technology.  Jim has a golden ear, and the tact, awareness, and intelligence to make the most of those very gifts in our collective interest.  I am grateful to him.”