Kathleen A. Zar Symposium, “High Impact Collaboration: Libraries and Undergraduate Research Partnerships”

The 6th Biennial Kathleen A. Zar Symposium, High Impact Collaboration: Libraries and Undergraduate Research Partnerships, will be held on Friday, September 6, 2019, at the University of Chicago’s Joseph Regenstein Library.

Undergraduate research is a growing focus of higher education, as colleges and universities seek ways to involve students in experimental learning outside the classroom. Research experiences allow students to participate in knowledge creation, develop disciplinary skills, make impactful connections with faculty, and contribute to scholarly conversations. Substantive research opportunities have a lasting impact beyond graduation, inspiring careers and lifelong learning. As campuses identify new ways to support student research, what role can academic libraries play in these efforts? This symposium will explore different ways that librarians, faculty, and administrators can collaborate to help undergraduates engage and succeed in meaningful research experiences during their college years.

The symposium is a biennial event held at the University of Chicago Library and made possible through the support of the Kathleen and Howard Zar Science Library Fund.