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Catherine Uecker
Catherine Uecker
Catherine Uecker

Staff Member:

Catherine Uecker

Job Title:

Head of Research and Instruction, Special Collections Research Center

Where do you work normally?

Special Collections Research Center in Regenstein Library

Where are you working from now?

Sharing our home office (and wifi bandwidth...) with my high school senior, but working on the sunporch when the weather allows.

What are you working on right now?

In spring quarter I supported classes by providing remote instruction sessions and making library research guides. I've also been answering a lot of reference questions - many people are taking the time to research family histories right now and want information about relatives who attended the University. I've also been managing Reader Services activities and getting ready for the fall quarter.

Do you have any coworkers where you are working remotely? Partners, kids, pets, plants, etc.?

My husband and son and we have two office "interns" -- yellow Labradors name Penny and Goose.

What activities or hobbies have you been engaged in when you aren't working remotely?

Long walks in Cook Country Forest Preserves, cooking, and gardening. I put in a salsa garden (tomatoes, varieties of hot peppers, onions, etc) every year.

What do you miss about being away from the Library buildings or University?

The people -- collaborative work is great on Zoom but I miss just chatting with my colleagues. And the materials -- the rare books, manuscripts, and archives.

Photo of dogs
Photo by Catherine Uecker
Penny and Goose
Photo of Catherine Uecker's porch.
porch - Catherine Uecker.jpg

Photo by Catherine Uecker

Catherine's workspace on her porch.

flowers - Catherine Uecker.jpg

Photo by Catherine Uecker.

Catherine's flowers in her garden.