Online Exhibit: United States Supreme Court: Portraits and Autographs

A new exhibit, United States Supreme Court: Portraits and Autographs, features highlights of the collection of portraits and manuscripts donated by the late alumnus Louis Silver to the D'Angelo Law Library. This exhibit, prepared by Mary L. Shelly, our 2019 Judith M. Wright Fellow, specifically features the portraits and signed letters/documents of the following U.S. Supreme Court Justices: John Jay, John Rutledge, Oliver Ellsworth, John Marshall, William Johnson, John McLean, Roger Brooke Taney, Peter Vivian Daniel, David Davis, Salmon Portland Chase, William Strong, Oliver Wendell Holmes, William Rufus Day, and William Howard Taft. Ms. Shelly has added background information about the justices and their correspondents, and about the portraits and manuscripts themselves, along with transcripts of handwritten letters. The complete collection remains available as a set of large PDF files.