Workshop Series – Managing Your Research

Crerar Library is offering a workshop series on issues related to managing research such as copyright, data management, document organization and collaboration tools.  More information about each workshop and registration links are below.  All workshops are opened to faculty, students and staff.

Your Copyrights:  Understanding author rights in scholarly publishing

Crerar Library: Kathleen A. Zar Room, April 17th, 12-1pm

The world of scholarly publishing is changing and copyright issues are often at the center of it. You may be hearing some terms that are new and wonder how they affect you. Join us for a session to learn more about open access, Creative Commons, copyright transfer agreements, public deposit, and how your funding agency may have new requirements for you soon. Register

Managing Research Documents

Crerar Library: Kathleen A. Zar Room, April 27th, 12-1pm

Organizing and keeping track of research documents, whether pdfs, notes, images or other pieces of information, can be time consuming and difficult. Let us help you! This workshop will cover effective naming techniques for documents, citation and pdf management, note taking tools, alerts and feeds, and journal management apps. Register

Data Data Everywhere:  Introduction to Data Management

Crerar Library: Kathleen A. Zar Room, May 13th, 4-5pm

You are collecting it, but are you managing it? If you were asked to provide data from research done last year, would you be able to find it? What about two years ago? Join us for this session where you will learn more about the basics of data management for your research. We will discuss best practices for file naming and structure, metadata, storage and back ups, as well as provide an overview of funding agency requirements. Register

Collaboration Tools for Researchers

Crerar Library: Kathleen A. Zar Room, May 19th, 12-1pm

A wide range of tools to help you collaborate and communicate with other researchers are available these days. This workshop will cover options for sharing different kinds of work including citation and pdf sharing software, file and image sharing systems, and presentation sharing software. Register