Library Student Advisory Group

About the Library Student Advisory Group

The purpose of the Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG) is to provide a formal channel of communication between students and the Library Administration. The LSAG discusses matters related to all the University libraries— Crerar, D'Angelo Law, Eckhart, Mansueto, Regenstein, and SSA—including feedback about collections, access, services, and present and future needs of the student community. The Group also assists in making specific recommendations to improve the Library and considers proposals for future changes in services. Finally, members of the LSAG discuss how the Library can most effectively communicate its resources, services and plans with students, and conversely, how students can most effectively communicate their wishes, needs and concerns to the Library.

The Library Student Advisory Group includes representatives from the College, Divisions, and the Professional Schools. Several UChicago Library staff members also serve on the LSAG. The Library issues a call for applications to the Group annually or as representative positions become available. The LSAG meets once per quarter. Membership is by invitation; for further information please contact Rebecca Starkey, LSAG Coordinator, at


From the College

  • Marco Laghi - Class of 2020
  • Nico Cordero - Class of 2021
  • Sophie Shi - Class of 2021
  • John Fuentes - Class of 2022
  • Maggie Lu - Class of 2022
  • James Kent - Class of 2023
  • Scarlett Akeley - Class of 2023

From the Graduate Divisions & Professional Schools

  • Maggie Borowitz - Humanities Division
  • Clara del Junco - Physical Sciences Division
  • Sarah McDaniel - Humanities Division
  • Jessica Morgan - Biological Sciences Division
  • Andrew Rhoads - Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Daniel Simon - Law School

From the Library

  • Brenda Johnson, Library Director and University Librarian
  • Jen Green, Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning
  • Barbara Kern, Director of Sciences and Social Sciences
  • Andrea Twiss-Brooks, Director of Humanities and Area Studies
  • Rachel Rosenberg, Director of Communications
  • Rebecca Starkey, Head of Research and Instruction


Meeting Notes