Policy on Room Use at the University of Chicago Library

Below are the policies governing the use and booking of group studies and library classrooms at Regenstein.

To book a room, visit rooms.lib.uchicago.edu.

Group Studies Policies

Eligible Users

  • Group studies may be used only by groups of 2 or more users. Individual users are not permitted to use group studies.
  • Group studies may be booked only by current University of Chicago students, faculty, and staff.
  • Groups without a room booking (including users not affiliated with the University of Chicago) may use a group study on a first come, first served basis only, but must vacate the room if requested by a group with an email confirmation of a room booking.

Booking Policies

  • Groups may book group studies up to 7 days in advance in blocks of 30 minutes for a maximum of 3 hours per day. The 3 hour limit applies to the group as a whole, not to individuals within the group.
  • Groups may not book two group studies at the same time
  • A booking may not be made for consecutive time slots. If your initial booking is for less than 3 hours, you may make additional bookings. However, you must allow at least 1 hour between bookings.
  • Groups may book group studies only up to the start of a 30 minute time block. Once a time block begins, that time block may no longer be booked.
  • Groups may cancel a room booking up to the start time of the booking. Once a booking begins, the booking cannot be canceled.
  • Groups attempting to circumvent the 3 hour limit may have their reservations cancelled and their booking privileges suspended or revoked.
  • The Library reserves the right to modify or cancel a booking when necessary.

Using a Booked Room

  • Groups must bring the email confirmation of their booking with them to the room, either electronically or in print. Groups must present this email confirmation in order to ask another group to vacate the room.
  • There is a 10 minute grace period for a room booking. If 2 or more members of a group are not present within the grace period, the booking is invalid, and another group may use the room.
  • Group studies cannot be held by placing personal belongings or library materials in them. Unattended items will be removed and held in Lost & Found. Library items will be checked in and then reshelved.
  • Furniture, such as chairs and tables, should neither be added nor removed from the room. Groups should report missing or extraneous furniture to Library staff.


  • All groups are expected to comply with the Library's policies for Maintaining a Scholarly Environment.
  • Group studies are intended for collaborative work and informal discussion. Inappropriate use of a group study may result in a group being asked to vacate the room.
  • Please talk quietly to avoid disturbing others. Rooms are not soundproof and loud conversation can be heard in the main reading areas.

Library Classroom Policies

  • Library classrooms are used for University courses and are managed by the University Registrar. Reservations for special class sessions may be granted based on availability.
  • During regular teaching hours, groups may use library classrooms on a first come, first served basis only when the classroom has not been reserved for an instruction session.
  • Most courses and class sessions will be posted on the door to the classroom. Groups should vacate a classroom at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of a posted session.
  • Groups may be asked to vacate a classroom if it has been reserved, regardless of whether that session has been posted in advance.

Booking a Library Classroom

  • Groups may book library classrooms outside of regular teaching hours only:
    • Monday - Friday: 10 p.m. - closing
    • Saturday - Sunday: during any hours the Library building is open
    • Interims: during any hours the Library building is open
  • All room use policies for group studies apply to booking a library classroom.
  • Booking a library classroom counts towards the maximum 3 hour daily limit for group studies.

OneButton Studio Policies (IT Services)

The OneButton Studio is managed by the IT Services TechBar. Questions about reservations, policies, equipment, etc. should be directed to IT Services.

  • The OneButton Studio may be booked by individuals or small groups.
  • The OneButton Studio may be booked only by current University of Chicago students, faculty, and staff.
  • Individuals or groups may book the OneButton Studio up to 16 weeks in advance in blocks of 30 minutes for up to 2 hours per day during the hours that the TechBar is open. Booking the One Button Studio does not count towards the maximum daily limit for group studies.
  • There is a 15 minute grace period for booking the OneButton Studio. If you are not present within 15 minutes of the start of your reservation, IT Services staff may cancel your reservation.
  • Individuals must bring the email confirmation of their reservation and their UChicago Card to the TechBar to borrow a key card to access the OneButton Studio.

Violations of Room Use Policies

Individuals or groups found to be violating the above policies may be asked to vacate a room. Repeated or serious violations may result in being temporarily or permanently blocked from booking rooms.