Policy on Reserved Study Seats at the University of Chicago Library

Below are the policies governing the use and booking of study seats at Regenstein, Mansueto, and Crerar.

Study seats may be reserved in half-hour increments for sessions lasting between 1 and 3 hours.
Reservations must be placed at least 12 hours in advance, and reservations are required for admittance to the building.

The expectations for patrons in order for us to sustain this service are below.  As you prepare for your visit to the library, please be aware of the following conditions of entry.   Be advised, if you are coming for a research appointment, there may be some additional conditions that will be sent to you individually by the individual or unit you have the appointment with. You will need to bring your UChicago ID and proof of reservation or appointment with you to the library for entry.

1) Follow the Campus Guidelines – the University Community Care and Health Pact

  • These include: wearing a mask at all times, remaining socially distanced from other patrons, and frequent hand-washing.
  • In addition, we ask that you clean your reserved seat at the start and end of your reservation.  Cleaning stations will be nearby for all individual study seats, and cleaning materials will be at computer stations and other equipment-based appointments as they become available.
  • We allow covered beverages that can be consumed without removing masks entirely.  This includes water, coffee and tea.

2) Maintain a scholarly environment

  • The library study spaces are currently for quiet, individual study only. Cell phone and video conferencing conversations are not permitted.
  • We ask that you remain in your reserved seat when not visiting designated patron restrooms, accessing drinking fountains, accessing a printer, or exiting/entering for a break outside.
  • “Group study” rooms will be closed for reservation by individual use for the initial pilot
  • Seats marked “unavailable” are to remain empty – the seating is specially designed to ensure patron distance of 8 feet or more, and oriented in the same direction.
  • The bookstacks are closed.  There is no entry to bookstacks or areas where you do not have a reserved seat

3) Accountability

  • Follow all signs posted and instructions
  • By entering the library, you agree to show an ID when asked by a staff member or a compliance monitor to do so
  • Please enter and exit during your appointment times.  Reservations have a short buffer between them to give you time to clean before and after your appointment, but we do rely on your keeping track of your time.

We thank you for your attention to these guidelines for library entry for the Autumn Quarter, and we look forward to seeing you.