Brooker Prize Policies

Brooker Prize Bookmark

The goals of the Brooker Prize are to foster love of the book and to encourage book collecting among undergraduates at the University of Chicago. The decisions of the Brooker Prize Committee seek to promote those objectives.

1. Qualification.  The applicant must be a current second- or fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Chicago.

2. Size. The size of a student's collection is not a determining factor in the award of prizes. Judges understand that undergraduate students are often just starting to collect and do not expect that their collections will be large or complete. The competition is based on the care and judgment with which the student has shaped the collection. (More information about criteria can be found on the information page.)

3. Eligible collections. In addition to books, collections of musical scores and printed maps may be entered into the prize competition. Collections of non-book materials where print is a central feature are also eligible. If you have questions, please contact one of the judges.

4. Annotations. Annotations that highlight a book's special features or meaning for you help the committee to understand your collection. Please do not annotate your entire bibliography. Please do so for only your most-prized books and certainly not more than 25.

5. Resubmission. Collections submitted for the 2nd-year prize are eligible for submission again in your 4th-year. In such cases, you should specify in your essay how your collection has grown in the interim, both in terms of quantity and sophistication, and how it has developed.