Past Prize Recipients

Year Class Prize Recipient Collection Title
2019 4th-year Daniel Jacob Eberts Language Learning Through the Ages
2019 2nd-year Samuel Barton The Art of Information: A Beautiful, Empirical Journey of Perception and Understanding
2018 4th-year Anna Wood Learning a Love for Spanish Language through Latin American Poetry
2018 2nd-year Clare Kemmerer The Only Crush I Have is the Crushing Weight of My Sins (Love and Faith in Christian Literature)
2017 4th-year Jackson Bierfeldt Raoul Heinrich France: The Revitalized Doctrine of a Forgotten Life
2017 2nd-year Billie Males, Co-winner "A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her By"
2017 2nd-year Bryan McGuiggin, Co-winner Aesthetic Scholarship: German Piano Music and its Outgrowths
2016 4th-year Samuel Puliafito, Co-winner Lorraine Louie and the Art of Vintage Contemporaries
2016 4th-year Alexander Relihan, Co-winner “The Dot and the Line”: Pen-and-Ink Illustrations, Storytelling, Music, Language
2015 4th-year Rose Berman, First Place Antoine de Saint Exupéry: Pilot, Author, and Friend
2015 4th-year Rachel McEnroe, Second Place Language Addiction
2015 2nd-year Juliet Eldred Zines, Punk Rock, and Empowerment
2014 4th-year Kareem Mohammad Works by Clamp, Four Female Manga Creators
2014 4th-year Mox Schults A Library for Babel(ing): Books for Reading Aloud
2014 2nd-year G. Philip Crean IV The Rise and Fall of European High Imperialism
2013 4th-year Drew Synan Typography: Language Made Visible
2013 2nd-year Phoebe Salzman-Cohen Ennui, Elves, and Edward Gorey: Alternative Comic Books
2013 2nd-year Rachel Schastok Zines & Tramp Literature
2012 4th-year Andrew Stevens Food for Thought: the History, Economics, and Politics of Agriculture
2011 4th-year John Fisher,
Honorable Mention
John Berryman: His Life, Work and Influences
2011 2nd-year Anastasia Klimchynskaya Alexandre Dumas: Historian and Storyteller
2010 4th-year Ryan Julian The History of Mathematics
2010 2nd-year Jake Ransohoff The Mirror of Heaven: Church, State, and Society in the Byzantine Empire
2010 2nd-year Andrew Stevens, Honorable Mention Agriculture and Food
2008 4th-year Elizabeth Litchfield A Library of Love: Challenging the Social Order One Couple (or Threesome?) at a Time
2008 2nd-year Elizabeth Davidson, Honorable Mention Religion in Late Antique Egypt
2008 2nd-year Aaron Vanides Into the Mists of the North: A Comparative Collection of the Medieval Germanic Tradition and its Modern Manifestation
2007 4th-year Donna Zuckerberg Homer and His Students
2007 2nd-year Erin Wonder Cultured Insolence: Wit in British Literature
2006 4th-year Quinn Anya Carey Languages and Linguistics of the Former USSR
2006 2nd-year Sabahat F. Adil From Málaga To Miyagi- Collected Wisdoms of the Seeker
2005 4th-year Benjamin Trofatter INIM.MEŠ, AMATU, uddar ("Words, Words, Words"): A Collection of the Languages and Literatures of the Ancient Near East
2004 4th-year Ian R. B. Desai here Poetry Comes to Live
2004 4th-year Austin Bean, Honorable Mention Alternatives to, Defenses of, Mathematical Orthodoxies
2003 4th-year Rukmini Singh Manga (Japanese Comics), Shoujo Manga ( Girl's Comics) and Boys' Love
2003 4th-year Christian Kammerer, Honorable Mention Man and Fish
2003 4th-year Margo Miller, Honorable Mention Rock Writing and the Vinyl Closet
2002 4th-year Rachel Anne Dion Ancient Egypt
2002 4th-year Licsi Aniko Szatmari The Development of Sufism in Iran and Central Asia
2002 4th-year Jessica B. Ferguson,
Honorable Mention
Modern Central European Literature in Translation
2002 2nd-year Zachary Martin First Person Masculine American Travel Literature
2002 2nd-year Ian R. B. Desai,
Honorable Mention
Enduring Verse: Ancient Legacy/ Modern Inheritance
2001 4th-year Patrick Earnest Suicidal Writers and Their Works
2001 4th-year Elisha Fishbane,
Honorable Mention
Jewish Mystical Literature
2001 2nd-year Kristin Paige Schmidt Gnosticism and Its Early Christian Context
2000 2nd-year Moshe Krakowski Jewish Studies
2000 2nd-year Jared Ronai Shurin Robert Graves: His Life and Works
2000 2nd-year Aniko Szatmari The Marriage of Philo and Sophia: Love and Knowledge in Medieval Islam and the European Renaissance
1999 4th-year Katharine Olson Cymru am byth: The Language, Literature, and History of Wales
1998 4th-year Sherlina Nageer Literature and Poetry from the Caribbean
1998 4th-year Elda Stanco The New Latin American Narrative
1998 2nd-year John Allread Hoosier Notables: 1880-1930
1997 4th-year Benjamin A. Lord Abstract Expressionism
1997 2nd-year Nathan H. Mauk The Epistemology of Meaning and Communication
1996 4th-year Nathanael Crawford From "Mankind" to Midwives: The John Newberry Medal
1996 4th-year Aden Kumler A Bookmaker's Books: A Collection of Fine Printed and Handmade Books
1995 4th-year Gregory Vargo Contemporary American Poetry
1995 4th-year Isabel Cole Fairytales and Folklore
1995 2nd-year Taska Moira Harnischfeger Imagination and Prophecy: Early to Modern Classics of Fantasy and Science Fiction
1994 4th-year Robert J. Williams U.S. Highways
1994 Honorable Mention Daska Babcock Issues of Women around the World
1993 4th-Year William Frohnhoefer Catholic Literature with a special emphasis on English Converts
1993 2nd-year John Ward 18th Century French Decorative Arts and the English Country House
1992 4th-year Heather Stettler The History of Paleonanthropology and Archeology
1992 2nd-year Benjamin Wiener Media and Mass Culture and the Works of Don DeLillo
1991 4th-year David A. Gemunder American Antebellum and Civil War History
1991 2nd-year Brian Huelsmann Experimental Literature and Modern German Literature and its Precursors
1990 4th-year Mark M. Levandoski Vladimir Nabokov
1990 2nd-year Nathan Ferguson Michael Moorcock