2011-2012 Events

November 30, 2011

Education or Oppression?

The Shadow of State Power in the Soviet Children's Book

Soviet Children's Book
by Robert Bird,Associate Professor
Departments of Slavic Languages and Literatures and
Cinema and Media Studies

February 29, 2012

Transforming Libraries: Choices with an Eye to the Future

A Conversation with Judith Nadler

Judi Nadler
Judith Nadler
Judith Nadler,
Director and University Librarian

May 23, 2012

Love's Labors in the Ruins

The Curious Case of the Carmelite Missal

Aiden Kumler
Aden Kumler
Assistant Professor
Department of Art History

What does it mean to never give up on a ruined masterpiece? This talk explores how University of Chicago alumna and Professor of Art History Margaret Rickert, PhD '38, undertook a herculean labor of love, reconstructing one of the greatest illuminated manuscripts produced in late fourteenth-century England. This monument of Gothic painting, thought to be the earliest known Missal associated with the Carmelite Order, was tragically cut into more than 2,000 fragments by a collector's children and had long been mourned by manuscript specialists, art historians, and bibliophiles. Developing innovative new methods of codicological analysis and art historical deduction, Margaret Rickert's brilliant scholarly detective work, culminating in her reconstruction of the original illuminated manuscript, vividly demonstrates how dedication, erudition, and the connoisseur's sensitive eye have the power to resurrect masterpieces once thought hopelessly lost to history.

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