1998 Survey of Faculty and Students

Compete survey results (PDF) 

The 1998 Survey of Faculty and Students was conducted in the Winter Quarter of the 1997/98 school year. The Library designed the survey to discover how much students and faculty know about Library services, how they use those services, and how satisfied they are with the Library's performance in various areas.

Questionnaires were sent out on January 8, 1998 to every member of the faculty (1200 surveys) and to a random sample of students (1350 surveys). The Registrar's Office provided a list of randomly selected students: 20% of students from the College and 10% of graduate students from each of the divisions and professional schools. Second copies of the surveys went out to non-respondents at the end of February.

The survey yielded a total of 940 responses altogether, representing an overall response rate of 38%. 465 faculty members returned their surveys, for a faculty response rate of 39%. 475 students responded to the survey, for a student response rate of 35%.

A note on the breakdowns used in the reporting of results: Regenstein Disciplines include Business, Divinity, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Public Policy. Other includes Law, SSA, and those who did not indicate a division.