COVID-19 Information for Visitors

Regenstein, Mansueto, Crerar, and Eckhart libraries are open to visitors.

The University of Chicago Library welcomes visitors to its spaces and to consult its collections. We also want to ensure any visit to the Library is enjoyable, welcoming, and safe.

In order to provide broad yet safe access to all, visitors to the University of Chicago Library, including alumni and researchers affiliated with other academic institutions, will be asked to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or proof of a recent COVID-19 test, consistent with University policies and protocols for visitors.

The COVID-19 environment is dynamic, and these health & safety protocols could change as the public health situation evolves. Visitors are encouraged to check this page before coming to campus.

Before Your Visit

See Visitors to the Library for more information about the kinds of access the Library offers.

If you have questions about accessing the Library before your visit, contact the ID & Privileges Office.

UChicago Health Pact - Masks Required

Everyone entering library buildings is expected to follow the current University of Chicago Health Pact, which includes wearing a face covering regardless of vaccination status.

Visit the ID & Privileges Office

All visitors must visit the ID & Privileges Office in the outer lobby of Regenstein when the ID & Privileges Office is open to present proof of vaccination, proof of a positive COVID-19 test result dated in past 14-90 days, or a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours prior to being given a visitor pass or ongoing card access to the University of Chicago Library.

Beginning November 1, visitors are strongly encouraged to reserve a time to meet with ID & Privileges Staff in order to reduce the time required to provide access. However, reservations are not required.

ID & Privileges Office Hours

The ID & Privileges Office is typically open during the following hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 6 pm
  • Friday: 8:30am – 5 pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 1 pm

For hours on specific days, please consult the ID & Privileges Office hours.

Proof of Vaccination or Recent COVID-19 Test

All visitors must provide upon arrival:

  • A valid, government-issued photo ID
  • Verbal confirmation of not having experienced any COVID-19 symptoms during the days leading up to and including the period of visit
  • One of the following:

Documents must be in or translated to English. Responsibility rests on visitors to provide convincing evidence of meeting these requirements to the ID & Privileges Office staff.

ID & Privileges Office staff will inspect the documents when presented but will not log or save any personal medical information or images of documents.

Length of Access

Proof of full vaccination is required to have ongoing access using a Campus Card. All other visitors will need to come to the ID & Privileges Office at the start of each visit to present their test results and receive a pass for the day.


Minors aged 2-18 may visit the Library in the company of a parent, guardian or teacher and are required to provide proof of vaccination or proof a COVID-19 test result as outlined above.

Minors under 2 years of age are not required to test for COVID-19 and do not need a visitor pass.

Children enrolled at University Laboratory and Charter Schools and attending in-person classes can be considered to have met the University’s vaccination and testing requirements.

Information about Specific Library Locations

The above applies to all Library locations open to visitors. See below for information about specific locations.


Visitor passes can be issued by Crerar staff for the specific use of the Crerar Library only an extended period of time based upon proof of vaccination. Visitor passes issued based on proof of a COVID-19 test will be issued for the day only.

D’Angelo Law

The D’Angelo Law Library is restricted to current University of Chicago Law School students, faculty, and staff only.


Visitors who wish to visit Eckhart Library must be issued a Visitor Pass or Campus Card from the ID & Privileges Office in Regenstein.

Anyone without card access to Eckhart Hall should come to the front door of the building on the quad and call 773-702-8778 to be admitted.


Visitors who wish to visit Mansueto must be issued a Visitor Pass or Campus Card from the ID & Privileges Office in Regenstein.


Visitors who wish to visit Regenstein must be issued a Visitor Pass or Campus Card from the ID & Privileges Office in Regenstein.

Social Work

The Social Work Library is restricted to current Crown Family School students, faculty, and staff only.

Special Collections

The Hannah Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center is currently open by appointment only. On the day of your appointment, please leave time to visit the ID & Privileges Office to be issued visitor pass prior to your appointment.