Online Account Renewal Request

This form is designed for Library patrons with Library cards (not UChicago Cards) who have already obtained their cards and who do not need to pay for privileges or show some form of eligibility to renew their accounts. (View bottom of this page to see a list of who can use this form to renew their account and card.)

Please fill out all the information in the form, including your email address, so that we can respond to you and let you know that we have renewed your account and card. If the form is not filled out completely, we will respond to you and request the you submit it again. If you do not supply an email address and we are unable to renew your account for some reason, we will disregard your renewal request.

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Users who can renew their accounts using this form:
(**Unregistered students must obtain authorization to use the Library while they are unregistered by contacting their Dean of Student's office and requesting that they forward authorization to the Library Privileges office.)

  • University Alumni with access or privileges
  • University Lab School students
  • Unregistered students requesting reference privileges.
  • Spouses or civil-union partners of students, faculty, staff and alumni of the University
  • American Bar Foundation employees
  • American Theological Library Assoc. employees
  • Art Institute of Chicago faculty requesting renewal of their reference privileges
  • Brookfield Zoo employees
  • Center For Research Libraries staff
  • Chapin Hall staff
  • Chicago Historical Society curatorial staff
  • Court Theatre apprentices
  • Div School Teaching Pastors
  • Encyclopedia Britannica staff
  • Field Museum staff
  • Graham School Basic Program teacher
  • Graham School Open Program teacher
  • Kenwood Academy teachers or students
  • La Rabida Hospital employees
  • National Opinion Research Center
  • Newberry Library staff or fellows
  • Northwestern faculty, students and staff (we will confirm your eligibility with NWU)
  • Oriental Institute volunteers
  • Renaissance Society members
  • Rockefeller Chapel Campus Ministers
  • SSAd Field Work Instructors
  • Members of the University of Chicago Advisory Councils
  • Members of the University of Chicago Board of Trustees
  • Members of the University of Chicago Women's Board
Users who can not renew their accounts using this form:
  • Anyone who must show some form of eligibility for renewals. (Must be done in person.)
  • Anyone who must pay for privileges (can be done by over the phone or in person)
  • University Alumni purchasing borrowing privileges
  • Unregistered students purchasing borrowing privileges
  • Students from area seminaries: Catholic Theological Union, Chicago Theological Seminary, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, McCormick Theology Seminary, and Meadville / Lombard Seminary. (Stickers or ACTs cards need to be shown to renew account.)
  • Employees of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (Must show current stickers on the back of their IDs to renew account.)
  • Patrons from the following: Center for East Asian Studies, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Committee on South Asian Studies, or other University associates. (Must show blue provost's card as proof of eligibility.)