University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Faculty

Everyone is welcome to consult the Library’s print and electronic collections by visiting the Library.

Tenured and tenure track faculty at UIC are also eligible for quarterly borrowing privileges at no charge.

To establish privileges, obtain an authorized UIC Faculty Library ID through the Richard J. Daley Library, then bring it, your UIC ID (i-card), and a government-issued photo ID to the ID & Privileges Office.

Electronic Resources, Library Computers, & Wireless

Visitors may access the Library’s electronic resources while in Library buildings by using the University wireless network or Library computers.

Visitors need to present a current, government-issued photo ID to be issued credentials for the University wireless network or Library computers.

See Computers and Wireless for more information.

Services for Users with Disabilities

See Services for Users with Disabilities if you need assistance in accessing our collections.

Policies While Visiting the Library

We expect all users to abide by all Library policies, including including those listed in Maintaining a Scholarly Environment.

The University of Chicago Library reserves the right to bar anyone from any or all parts of its premises. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior or any other violations of Library policies may result in suspension of visitor access.

The Library may limit visitor access during especially busy periods.