Reg Reads Collection

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About the Collection

Reg Reads is a small collection of recently published popular fiction and non-fiction on the 1st Floor of Regenstein Library. Unlike other collections in the Library, Reg Reads is designed for recreational reading, not for coursework, research, or scholarship.

Borrowing Policies

Reg Reads books may be checked out for 21 days and must be returned when due so that others may enjoy them (no renewals). You may check out as many books as you can read within that 21 day period!

Reg Reads Recommendations

We welcome suggestions for books to be added to the Reg Reads collection. Please note that the University of Chicago Library obtains books for this collection through a special vendor, so we may not be able to add all requested titles.

Suggest a Book for the Reg Reads Collection

List of Reg Reads Titles