Kids Crazy About Dinosaurs

If you are standing in front of this case, it is likely you or someone you know had a childhood fascination with dinosaurs. Children’s books about dinosaurs and fossil hunting abound – many of them with smart design, accessible text, and outstanding illustrations, which are testament to the outsized role dinosaurs play in the popular imagination. Films, games, and toys on the subject are plentiful, too. Many of the objects exhibited in Bibliosaurus! played a key role in inspiring and shaping the careers of future paleontologists, such as Roy Chapman Andrews' All about Dinosaurs (1953), with its tales of field work in Mongolia, or “Paleontologist Barbie” produced by Mattel and debuted in 1996 as part of the company’s “Career Collection.”

All About Dinosaurs

Roy Chapman Andrews

New York: Random House, 1953

QE862.D5 A5 1953d HCB

From the Edward Valauskas collection of Dinosauriana

Flapadoodle Dinosaurs

David A. Carter

New York, NY: Little Simon, 2001

obl PZ8.3.C244 Fl 2006 HCB

From the Edward Valauskas collection of Dinosauriana