Women Students

Like other departments at the University, the Department of Chemistry welcomed female students from its founding. Included among the early theses were "Iodonium Bases and Salts." by Valerie Deborah Ohrenstein (1906); "The Determination of Sulphates. " by Agnes La Foy Fay (1905); "The Disintegration Hypothesis of Radioactivity." by Isabel Alberta Peterson (1906); and others by female students. Julius Stieglitz has been credited with helping create an atmosphere that was welcoming to women students. This final page in another thesis "Oxonium bases" by Ethel Barnard bears a note of thanks to Prof. Stieglitz.

Page from Ethel Barnard's Thesis

From Barnard, Ethel. Oxonium Bases. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1905. http://pi.lib.uchicago.edu/1001/cat/bib/4220328 Crerar QD1099 Barnard