George Baur - Paleontology

George Baur began his career in academia at University of Munich in 1882 and came to the United States to work at Yale University through February 1890. He then went to Clark University and took an expedition to the Galapagos Islands in 1891 where he made an extensive collection of plants and animals on the islands. Baur came to the University of Chicago in 1892 as an assistant professor of comparative osteology and paleontology and spent much of his energy in developing the paleontology department at the University of Chicago and in preparing for his lectures on vertebrate osteology and phylogenetics. Sadly, Baur's life was short, and he passed away in 1898 after only seven years at the University. Though brief, he focused much of his work on reptilian and his extensive knowledge of osteology of reptiles helped him to deduce the bone structure of fish, birds and mammals.

The Sierra Negra Tortoise

Sierra Negra Giant Tortoise (2010) by Dan Nydick. Retrieved from

This tortoise was a sub-species of Galapagos Tortoises identified by Dr. Baur during his expedition on the islands.