Benjamin Beck

Benjamin Beck received his PhD in 1967 with a dissertation based on the effect of sound on pupil size. He worked on primate behavior at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo and Washington's National Zoo, where he also played a key role in bringing two giant pandas to the Zoo from China. He also worked with the Brazilian government to reintroduce zoo-born golden lion tamarins to the wild as part of a larger program to protect this species. His book, Thirteen Gold Monkeys (Outskirts Press, 2013), is a beautifully written fictional account of this remarkable venture. He has written and co-written two books about animal tool-using, and in 2003 received a Professional Achievement Citation from the University of Chicago's Alumni Association. His present position is Scientist Emeritus at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Benjamin Beck monitoring radiotelemetry signals of reintroduced golden lion tamarins in Brazil

Photo credit: Beate Rettberg-Beck.

Cover of a book with a picture of monkeys.
Cover of "Thirteen Gold Monkeys"

Beck, Benjamin. Outskirts Press, 2013. Cover photo credit: Andreia Martins.

Cover of book with a bird and a gorilla on the front.
Cover of "Animal Tool Behavior"

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