The Dr. Morris Fishbein Collection: An Exhibition of Selected Books in the History of Medicine and the Biological Sciences

Dr. Morris Fishbein Collection

The Morris Fishbein Center for the History of Science and Medicine at the University of Chicago was endowed by Dr. Morris Fishbein, long-time editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association; and his wife, Anna Fishbein. This exhibition features works from the Dr. Morris Fishbein Collection, consisting of books from Dr. Fishbein's personal library and others acquired on an endowed fund that continues to support the purchase of sources to support research and teaching in the history of science and medicine. Among the 98 titles are the 1543 edition of Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica, Les Oeuvres of Ambroise ParŽ (1575), Descartes, De homine (1662) and Edward Jenner's 1798 treatise on inoculation.

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