Kentucky and the Revolutionary Era, 1770-1815: An Essay Prepared by William T. Hutchinson on the Occasion of an Exhibition of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books from the Reuben T. Durrett Collection

Kentucky and the Revolutionary Era Exhibit

Purchased in 1913, the Reuben T. Durrett Collection was the first major collection relating to American history to be acquired by the University of Chicago Library. Recording the early history of trans-Appalachian settlement of Kentucky and the Ohio River valley, the Durrett collection includes more than 30,000 volumes of printed material, some quite rare; 2,800 holograph manuscripts of early settlers and political leaders; and 50,000 pages of transcriptions of family, legal, and governmental documents, as well as hundreds of newspapers, pamphlets, landplats, maps, clippings, and photographs from the region.

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