Bibfeldt Papers

The Bibfeldt Papers in the Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center

"What ever is, is right. Whatever is not, is also right." Franz Bibfeldt, Both/And

Here are some publications by and about Franz Bibfeldt. There are many more and I am confident in your ability to use Google to find them.

Some publications by Bibfeldt

  • "The Problem with the Year Zero"
  • The Boys of Sumer: Akkadian Origins of the National Pastime
  • I Hear What You’re Saying, But I Just Don’t Care: Thoughts on Pastoral Counseling
  • Luther on Vacation: From Worms to Cancun
  • A Pragmatist’s Paraphrase of Selected Sayings of Jesus
  • The Wealth of King Solomon: A Hebrew Scripture Prefigurement of Sports Contracts
  • Bibfeldt, Franz. Papers, Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

Some publications about Bibfeldt

Franz Bibfeldt and the Donnelley Stool

Franz Bibfeldt enjoying a quick nap in the Dean's Office in Swift Hall. The Donnelley Stool in Bibfeldt Studies stands next to him.