The Helen and Ruth Regenstein Collection of Rare Books: Recent Additions


To mark the fifth anniversary of the death of Mrs. Helen Regenstein and to chart the growth of the collection of rare books that her generosity and vision made possible, the department of Special Collections presents this exhibit representing acquisitions to the collection since Mrs. Regenstein's death. The exhibition brings together seventy-five representative works of literature, poetry, drama, and non-fiction recently added to the Helen and Ruth Regenstein Collection of Rare Books. Named for Mrs. Regenstein and her daughter, this assemblage of rare and valuable volumes form a distinct collection housed in the Department of Special Collections. The Collection places special emphasis on English and continental literature and related subjects, reflecting Mrs. Regenstein's own discriminating bibliographic interests. Highlights of the exhibit include landmark works by Robert Bridges, James Fenimore Cooper, and Thomas Hardy, displayed alongside Nathanial Hawthorne's charmingly illustrated Wonder Book, Thomas Macaulay's five volume History of England, and Freidrich von Schiller's Wilhelm Tell.