Homosexuality in the City: A Century of Research at the University of Chicago

Homosexuality in the City

Exhibition curated by Chad Heap, Jay Satterfield, Valarie Brocato, and Alice Schreyer.

The University of Chicago has become a major center for research in lesbian, gay and queer studies in recent years. This development is usually seen as a product of the social and political advances that lesbians and gay men have achieved during the past several decades, but the study of homosexual life and culture is hardly a new phenomenon at the University. Rather it is a field with a long and complicated history on campus--one that has been shaped as much by the social and political climate of the city and nation as by the disciplinary fields in which it has been pursued. Drawing on archives, manuscripts and books from the University of Chicago Library's collections, this exhibition situates Chicago's pioneering approach to the social and cultural study of homosexuality amid the political and cultural developments of the past century, while simultaneously examining the University's role in the policing of homosexuality in Chicago during this same period. For further information on "Homosexuality in the City," see the article in the University of Chicago Magazine, "Gay Studies at Chicago."

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