About This Exhibit

This Web exhibit is based on the exhibit “Integrating the Life of the Mind: African Americans at the University of Chicago, 1870-1940,” which was on view in the Special Collections Research Center, the University of Chicago Library, September 2008 - February 2009. The exhibit was curated by faculty member Danielle Allen. Daniel Meyer, Associate Director and University Archivist in Special Collections, was the coordinator and editor for the exhibit. Kerri Sancomb, Special Collections Exhibit Specialist, produced the exhibit.

There was no publication issued in conjunction with the exhibit. Text for this exhibit is available online.

This Web site was created in the summer of 2009 with a templating system developed by Marc Gasser, Digital Library Development Center (DLDC), University of Chicago Library, with input from Alice Schreyer, Director, Special Collections Research Center (SCRC); Daniel Meyer, Associate Director, SCRC; Elisabeth Long, Co-director, DLDC;  and Kerri Sancomb, Exhibit Specialist, SCRC. Photography for exhibit banner and Web site by Mike Kenny, Photographer, Preservation Department; Web site design by Marc Gasser and Kerri Sancomb.