Arnez Banks

All letters have been transcribed to be read with a screen reader. For instance, ampersands have been replaced with "and." Unique grammar and spelling have been preserved whenever possible. Personal information, such as inmate numbers, has been removed to protect the privacy of the authors.

My inmate ID number do not define the type of person I am.

Arnez Banks

My inmate ID number do not define the type of Person i am. It only define me in a bad way from the outside looking in or how the state or Judge look at me because they don't get a chance to know me they Only go by what they see in black and White. You can't always go off what you read in black and white about a Person until you fully get to know them Personally.

The Person I am in reality is a loving, caring and hardworking man that take care Of my family. When my little brothers and Sisters Come in with good grades i take them out and give them money. I Plan games nights for the family so we can spend time together and have fun with each other but on the outside locking in from block and white. You wouldn't Know that because they want us to be made out as the bad guys with out knowing the whole story.

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