A Library for All Time: The History of the John Crerar Library

The John Crerar Library holds a place of distinction in the world of libraries. In 2014, the Library celebrates the 120th anniversary of its incorporation and the 30th anniversary of the opening of the current location at the University of Chicago. Since its beginnings, the Crerar Library has offered unique collections and innovative technology and services that nurture research and learning in Chicago. These core values are as important today and in the future as they were at the time of the Library's founding.  The images and texts presented here trace the history of the library from its founding as a free public library of science made possible by the gift of a dedicated philanthropist through its growth to an outstanding print collection with innovative research services and into its present form which combines these traditional services and collections with modern electronic information resources and creative collaborations with campus partners.

The bequest to "support a library for all time" that John Crerar gave has nurtured research, teaching and learning  in science, technology and medicine in Chicago for 120 years, and will continue to do so far into the future.

Non est mortuus qui scientiam vivificavit — He has not died who has given life to knowledge.