The Family

The Thomas E. Wilson Family Collection contains information about two generations of the Wilson family and their spouses.

Black-and-white formal photograph of multiple generations of the Wilson family, presumably in a sitting room at Edellyn Farms. Pictured are Thomas E. Wilson, Elizabeth Foss Wilson, Helen Wilson Williams, Harry Julius Williams, Edward Foss Wilson, Pauline Wyman Wilson, three adult daughters of Helen and Harry, and two small boys of Edward Foss Wilson and Pauline Wyman Wilson. All are dressed up, and are paying attention to the two boys who are reading aloud from a book. The room is paneled in dark wood, and a Christmas wreath hangs over a large stone fireplace. There is a full bookcase to the left of the fireplace, and a painted portrait of Thomas E. Wilson hanging on the adjacent wall.
Three generations of the Wilson family at Edellyn Farm home, circa 1950s
Thomas E. Wilson Family Collection, Box 29, Folder 10, Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library.

Wilson Family Tree

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