My Budapest: Portrait of a European City

My Budapest

The exhibit features books, artifacts, documents and images from the Louis Szathmary Collection. Celebrating Budapest and Hungary as a significant part of continental culture and history, the exhibit is drawn from Mr. Szathmary's renowned Hungarian collection of over 15,000 volumes. Mr Szathmary is the chef and owner of the acclaimed Barkery Restaurant on Chicago's Near North Side, and is a nationally regarded book collector. The exhibit chronicles various periods of history and aspects of daily life from the city's origins as a provincial Roman capital to the early 20th century. This is Louis Szathmary's Budapest: the city he remembers through his eyes and the objects he collected over the course of four decades. Included also are a selection of Mr. Szathmary's collection of cookbooks, check by jowl with a sampling of 19th and 20th century books of Hungarian poetry, many of the latter banned in Hungary.

Exhibit Publications & Documents

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