To See Ourselves as Others See Us

Autobiography provides a chance to explore, reflect on, and project the ways in which you see yourself
and how you believe others see you. Where body image and gender identity are contested and fluid, zines

offer a supportive (and sometimes anonymous) space for discussion and experimentation.

Caboose, No. 1
Liz Mason

Chicago, 2002

Caboose, No.2
The Ridiculous Issue
Liz Mason

Chicago, 2003

Blue Floral Gusset

Melbourne: Spurzine, 2010

Travesty, Musings on Being a Transvestite Metalhead, No.2

Melbourne: Spurzine, 2009

Towards an Insurrectionary Trans-Feminism

Chicago: Not Yr Cister Press, 2010?

My Aim is True, No.4
Carrie Colpits and Nicole Baiel

Chicago, 2011

Sweetmeats, Issue 1
Edie Fake

Chicago, 2012

Sweetmeats, Issue 2
Edie Fake

Chicago, 2012