About this Exhibit

Race and the Design of American Life: African Americans in Twentieth-Century Commercial Art was curated by Chris Dingwall, PhD Candidate, Department of History at the University of Chicago. The exhibition dates are October 14, 2013 - January 4, 2014.

This project would not be possible without the knowledge, guidance, and encouragement of Leora Auslander, Bill Brown, Paul Durica, Korey Garibaldi, Theaster Gates, Adam Green, Neil Harris, Valerie Harris, Thomas Holt, Bob Koester, Amy Lippert, Victor Margolin, Dan Meyer, Celeste Day Moore, Tim Samuelson, Alice Schreyer, Joe Scott, Amy Dru Stanley, Hamza Walker, Sarah Jones Weicksel, Kate Hadley Williams, and Gwen Zabicki. The exhibit also benefited from the generosity of Dennis Adrian, Tim Samuelson, and the Special Collections and University Archives Department at University of Illinois at Chicago's Richard J. Daley Library, who loaned items from their collections.

The Web exhibit was produced by Joe Scott with the assistance of Kevin Kimura. Bradley Busenius provided technical and graphic design support.


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