Young Worker

The Young Worker was an American communist monthly published in Chicago, which aimed to unite young workers across America in the struggle for socialism. Amid the many ideological splits following the Russian Revolution and after much internal debate, the Young Worker decided not to affiliate itself with any American party directly so that it could continue to serve as a forum for all working youth in the United States. Though the newspaper maintained a largely pro-Bolshevik position and participated in the youth section of the Communist International, members of any party could potentially submit an article to the Young Worker without violating the rank-in-file demands of their own party. Many of its issues focus on the Russian Revolution in addition to reporting on American labor concerns.

The Young Worker Vol.1, No.3

Chicago: National Executive Committee of the Young Workers League of America, 1922, Rare Book Collection

The Young Worker Vol. 2, No.2

Chicago: The Young Workers League of America, 1923, Rare Book Collection