Rapidly Renewable Resources

Easily renewable resources are also a good choice for design. Bamboo and cork both grow rapidly and replenish themselves much faster than traditional materials. Wood is also a renewable resource when it is grown in an environmentally and socially responsible way. The Forest Stewardship Council certifies forest managers who adopt these practices and products that use these materials can use the FSC seal. Searle Chemistry Laboratories used FSC certified wood in construction throughout the building.

Bamboo stalks in a forest.
Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that can be used in construction of flooring and furniture

Photo by L.G. Clark
From: American Bamboos (Washington, DC : Smithsonian Institution Press, c1999), p. 109. Crerar QK495.G74 A555 1999

A lobby made primarily of blonde wood.
The lobby of Searle Chemistry Laboratory features Forest Stewardship Council Certified Wood

5735 S. Ellis Avenue. Photo by Cheryl Rusnak.