We are also grateful to the following donors, colleagues, friends, and family members who have ensured through gifts of collections the preservation of the historical documents and artifacts on display:

Helen Allison
Herbert and Betsy K. Anderson John L. Balderston, Jr.
Frances Cate
Carol Cronin
Laura Capon Fermi Henry J. Frisch
Paul Henshaw
William B. Higinbotham Mitio Inokuti
Lawrence and Elisabeth F. Lanzl Elisabeth Franck Lisco
Beverly Livingston
Charles MacRae
David MacRae
Robert S. Mulliken
Ruth Paradise and Jacky Turchick Eva M. Platzman
George W. Platzman
Eugene Rabinowitch
Ruth Test
Beth Wattenberg
Argonne National Laboratory Atomic Scientists of Chicago Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Federation of American Scientists
Los Alamos National Laboratory
University Communications - News Office
University of Chicago Facilities Services Department, James Cook