Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur's Études sur la Bière (English translation, Studies on Fermentation, the Diseases of Beer...) is the result of his ground-breaking studies on yeast fermentation and preventing bacterial infections in brewing. In the seventh chapter of the work, he described a new method for producing beer, which includes a heating step to kill any bacteria. This process is now called "pasteurization" and is used not only in brewing, but also in processing milk and other food products subject to bacterial degradation.

Image of Pasteurization Process

Pasteur, Louis. Études sur la Bière, ses Maladies, Cause qui les Provoquent, Procédé pour la Rendre Inaltérable, avec une Théorie Nouvelle de la Fermentation, Gauthier-Villars: Paris, 1876. Crerar and SCRC TP577.P296