Yucca Beer

Brewed beverages have been made from nearly every available plant that contains convertible starches or fermentable sugars. The preparation and consumption of brewed beverages were often accompanied by ritual and ceremonies. The aboriginal peoples of the Amazon created a type of beer using the yucca plant as depicted here in a Theodor de Bry woodcut.

Source: Cassá, Roberto. Raíces y Desarrollo de un Orgullo Dominicano: Historía de la Cerveza en la República Dominicana, Grupo Léon Jimenes: Santo Domingo, 2003. Crerar TP577.C35 2003

Woodcut of Aboriginal People

Theodor de Bry, America, 13 vols. (Frankfurt, 1590-1634), Pt. 3: Brazil's cannibal Tupi. Special Collections Rare Books: f E141.B8.