Platforming & Combat

The pleasures of two final gameplay elements, platforming and combat, are those of speed and control. In generic terms, a "platformer" is a game that focuses on the acrobatic traversal of a hazardous environment, typically involving jumping between safe spaces ("platforms") suspended above hazards. In many platformers, players must also get past enemies, leading to a combination of platforming and combat.

Platforming Montage

Uneven pillars being jumped by Samus
Area with pillars at different heights


Samus jumping from a blue portal with a purple portal across a a large gap
Different doors require different techniques to open


A creature that is blue, indicating that it has been frozen still
The freeze beam can freeze enemies


Samus on a bridge made of green round items that have gaps between them
Narrow gaps may be crossed by running


Frozen enemies can be used as platforms


Samus swinging from a contraption at the top of the screen, between two platforms
Swinging from grappling areas helps samus cross gaps


Samus running in what looks to be mid-air, but she is supported by vertical rods
Vertical travel on platforms is sometimes necessary