Modern Practical Gum Work Manual

Octave Grillon, author of Practical Pan Man's Guide along with Manufacture of Dragee & Useful Advices in General Pan Work, authored pocket manuals for confectioners. In this book, he describes the process called "gum work" for making gumdrops and jujubes or as we know them today, gummies. These candies are descendants of fruit jellies, some of the earliest candies in which sugar was used to preserve fruits. This book also gives recipes for licorice, a candy made from the licorice root, the use of which dates back to ancient times. Licorice root has long been used to make sweet drinks; it's also revered for its medicinal qualities.

Melting of the Gum

Grillon, Octave, Modern Practical Gum Work Manual (New York), 1911, pg. 12-13. Crerar 641.85 R101