Modern Methods of Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacture

This book looks at chocolate as a raw material and the steps required to process cacao. The tropical cacao tree bears a small football-shaped fruit that is also called cacao. Seeds inside the fruit pods are the cacao beans from which chocolate is made. The book also includes a miscellaneous chapter with short sections on maggots and moulds. As cacao is grown in hot, rainforest-like climates and then shipped long distances, infestation has long been a concern. The section talks about the cause and prevention of unwanted critters in chocolate. Chocolate mould might bring to mind another issue that could affect the growing of cacao, but in this case it refers to moulding finished chocolate. The book takes a look at forming chocolate into solid and hollow Easter eggs, drops and other shapes known in the chocolate industry as novelties.

Chart of Amounts of Cacao

Bywaters, William H., Modern Methods of Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacture, (Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Inc.), 1930, pg.30-31. Crerar 663.9 T001