Communicating Trauma

The absence of war as a traumatic moment is represented in this exhibit by wide variety of pieces. In the case of photojournalism or photographs taken at the scene of an event, trauma is viewed through a lens and in the context the photographer brings to the scene. Artistic expression creates pieces that represent and communicate emotions well after the moment of trauma. Nevertheless, in each of these acts the viewer is in communication with the creator. The scandal of the security camera photos published in Paris Match on the anniversary of terrorism in Nice is precisely that there is nothing human, nor humane, about these images.

Die Soldaten des Führers im Felde

Hasso von Wedel

München, Raumbildverlag O. Schönstein k.-g. [1939]

D765.W40 Rare Books

These stereoscopic images were used as propaganda to show the Nazi treatment of Polish civilians. Von Wedel went on to become commander of the Wehrmacht Propaganda Troops (Wehrmachtpropaganda).